What is B2B Marketing?

As the name suggests, B2B marketing Buisness-Buisness marketing refers to marketing of products or services from one business to another business. It is distant from B2C marketing as it involves more formal approach. 

Looking it through a broad way B2B marketing needs to be more information oriented and straightforward. This is because the purchase decision for B2B marketing involves more investment purchase. 

Who is the target audience in B2B Marketing?

Any company that is interested in buying from a business in bulk can be considered as a target audience for B2B company this involves many forms software as a service subscriptions (SaaS), security solutions, tools, office supplies, you name it. 

B2B marketing strategies involve email marketing, search engine optimisation and content marketing. B2B marketing strategies are aimed at individual with control or influence on purchase decisions. 

B2B marketing can be segregated in few simplified steps


    • Step One: Developing an overreaching Vision 
    • Step two: Defining your Market and buyer’s persona 
    • Step three: Identifying B2B marketing strategies 
    • Step four: Creating assets and running campaigns 
    • Step five: Introspection 

These steps are crucial for developing marketing strategies and understanding which marketing strategy works best for your business. 

Developing marketing strategies for B2B business.B2B marketing strategy differs from B2C in important ways. 

Here are some strategies that are important for B2B marketing 


    • Building a professional website 
    • Being active on specific social media 
    • Publishing content for finding new prospects 
    • Court search engine 
    • Email and text marketing 

In B2B market, buyer’s decision is based on price and quality 

Even some of the largest business  in India are launching their B2B portals. One of the biggest example for this one is Amazon Market wherein wholesaler and retailers come together. 

Building a professional website 

In today’s market place, a company’s website is like a shop where you display your products. Hence most B2B businesses pay an important focus in developing it. 


    • Simple to browse. 
    • User-friendly 
    • Appealing to look. 

B2B businesses marketing strategies are information based, hence their websites should be robust and should carefully target their audience. 

Each and every landing page on the website should have clear headlines, details about the products/ services and a direct call-to-action button.

Being active on specific social media platforms 

B2B marketing on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Promoting your company on these platforms also improves your click through. 

Publishing content online. 

 Content Marketing is the most reliable marketing strategy for B2B businesses. This marketing strategy helps to portray company’s products and services in a very different way. 

The key to successful content marketing lies in keywords which helps in different other digital marketing strategies. 

Different types of content marketing are 


    • Blogs
    • Reports and case studies 
    • Social media posts 
    • Infographics. 

Search Engine Optimisation 

When it comes to marketing SEO remains the central of all marketing strategies. SEO helps in increasing website traffic. 

Benefits of using SEO are:

  • Increased website traffic 
  • Website easily found on digital platforms 
  • Increase in ROI
  • Helps you attract prominent customers 
  • Awareness of brand 

The close rate of a lead that comes from paid ad is 1.7% while from SEO it is 14.6%. A recent marketing survey showed 67% of online search results in conversion. These numbers shows us how important it is to use this strategy for B2B businesses. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the easiest, widely used and cost-efficient form of marketing 

Benefits of using it for B2B are 

    • 87% of more leads are generated 
    • Provides business with a platform for engagement 
    • It is another name for inbound marketing. 

Having understood these different strategies, we shall now look into different agencies providing their marketing expertise for B2B businesses. 


Based out in Mumbai this digital marketing agency, it is a full term digital marketing agency providing with marketing strategies as 


    • Mobile and app solutions 
    • Media planning and Buying 
    • Brand solution
    • Social Media marketing 

Poised helps their customers stay in-step and grow with their new customers with the help of their end-to- end digital marketing strategies. 

Their clientele consists of brands such as 


    • Godrej
    • Nestle 
    • Saffola 
    • Reliance Jio


TechEasify is one of the result driven digital marketing agency providing with services such as 

SEO, PPC, SMM, Web designing, Graphic designing and Email marketing services these strategies help your businesses to generate potential sales leads, increase in brand awareness , increase in website traffic and e-commerce sales. 


Webenza specialises in account based marketing, this marketing agency specialises in B2B marketing not only in India but all across the globe. Their clientele includes Netflix, Forbes, amazon, Mashable. 

They help B2B companies in building brands, scale traffic, drive demand, generate quality leads and lower customer acquisition cost. 

Their clients from global IT/ ITEs company have shown an organic traffic increase of 230%. Their number speaks for themselves as their success rate. 

Summarising the whole B2B marketing agency and their strategies, some of the key takeaways would be: 


    • Although it’s Buisness to business marketing, you are still speaking to human beings. So do not be too formal and robotic 
    • Truly effective B2b marketing strategies are conversational, targeted, and contextually relevant. 
    • Account based marketing should be integral part of your B2b marketing strategy.