Email marketing is shaping up to be more effective than it has ever been. The death of email marketing has been announced and re-announced several times. However, recent studies suggest that email marketing is here to stay. Email marketers are witnessing good returns by investing in email marketing. For every 1$ they spend on email marketing, they get 42$ in return. 

An email landing page allows you to lead your customers to take a specific action. Landing page optimization focuses on improvising design elements and overall performance to increase conversion rates.

Email marketing good practices are proven to deliver high ROI (return on investment). Check out 10 email marketing solutions and landing page optimization tips to increase your conversion rates.

  1. Power of Headlines

Even if your landing page is well designed and has powerful content, all your efforts become meaningless if your emails are left unopened. Using powerful words and emotional hooks can help grab your customer’s attention. 

If your email opening rates are low, you might want to look into testing different headlines. Subject lines can sometimes be more challenging to write than the content of your landing page. It needs as much attention as any other aspect of your landing page.

  1. Less is more. Always

Overloading your landing page with a lot of information is one of the most common mistakes made by marketers. Having too much information can repeal your audience and decrease conversion rates. 

Prioritize which information is the most important for your audience to see. Use the elevator pitch approach to sell your product or service. Imagine that you have the length of an elevator ride to pitch your product or service. This approach will help you set your priorities and decide which key information is worth sharing.

  1. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Call-to-Action (CTA) involves provoking your audience for an immediate response. You need to provide explicit instructions to your audience. They should not feel confused about what they are supposed to do. Unclear instructions will adversely affect conversion rates. 

An effective tactic to instill is a sense of urgency or scarcity to increase conversion rates. For instance, a discount offer for a limited time or registration for an exclusive exhibit for a limited number of people. Experimenting with different kinds of CTAs and identifying what works best for your business would help increase conversion rates.

  1. Mobile-friendly Web pages

Research shows that mobile and tablet users have increased compared to desktop users. It’s very essential nowadays to create mobile-friendly content. Users should be able to view your content properly without zooming in.

If you have low conversion rates, but a high email opening rate you need to reassess the user experience you are providing. Your content should load correctly on a mobile device as most of the viewers open mail on their mobile devices.

  1. Testimonials can enhance conversion rates

Testimonials and customer reviews on your website develop trust between you and your clients. It is a stated fact that testimonials can increase conversion rates and help you build a relationship with your viewers.

  1. Use Whitespace

I cannot stress more on the concept of Less is more. Overloading content on a website is a bad idea. Whitespaces are spaces on your landing page which is empty. They need not be white, but no image or text is written on them. 

Using these whitespaces help your viewers focus on what you want them to focus on. There is no clutter on your landing page. It’s clear and explicit.

  1. Consistency is the key: Design Principles

Branding consistency is suggested by every digital marketing agency. It is rightly said, “Design is intelligence made visible”- Alina Wheeler. Designs on your landing page and main website should be in alignment. 

Achieving a proper balance of visuals and content can help you gain more leads. Choosing content and designs that are enticing and informative can help viewers understand what you want to convey.

  1. Fine-tune your target audience

Gone are the days when you send an email of your landing page to all the contacts in your database. Identifying your target audience is very crucial. Ensure that you segment your audience into smaller segments to target them.

If you wish to increase conversion rates then your landing page should be relevant to them. 

  1. Web Analytics

Web analysis is the collection and organization of data. Several tools can aid this process. For example, Google Analytics is a great email marketing tool that can help measure, collect, and organize web data.

Data analytics can help you understand if your email marketing strategy is working or not. A detailed study of email opening rate, CTA, conversion rates, etc can be beneficial to optimize landing pages.

  1. Personalizing your campaign

Email marketing solutions have evolved with time. Gone are the days when you begin your email with, “Dear customer” in your email. 

If you want to grab customer’s attention you need to provide valuable content. Personalized CTAs increase conversion rates to a great extent. It is reported that personalized CTAs can increase conversion rates up to 202%

I am sure you must have wondered, “What defines a good conversion rate?”.

Conversion rates depend upon many factors. Each business would have different conversion rates. The success of an email marketing strategy relies on the end goal of their campaign.

Work on creating a full-proof email marketing plan and optimize your landing page. Keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind. Use the right tools such as Google analytics to study web data in detail. These steps will be beneficial in generating organic leads and growing your business. 

Understand that success is a jungle gym rather than a ladder. This concept would surely set your perspective straight. It is only through trial and error that we truly understand what is best for our business.